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Question of the month

Keep an eye out for our roving reporter, Flannery LaGrua

by Flannery LaGrua

As I considered a question for this month’s article, I reflected on our Holy Family community and what sets Holy Family apart as a parish. And so, I was wondering why do people choose Holy Family as their church?

As for me, when I was looking for a church in the area, I knew that I wanted a welcoming, engaged parish focused on service in both the local and global community. These were the elements that most impressed me about Holy Family. I have met so many wonderful people, and recognize such a supportive and caring community here.

And so I ask  “Why did you choose Holy Family as your church?”

These are some of the responses I received (be sure to add yours in the comments):

“We were new in the area when we looked online, we saw [Holy Family] had a lot of activities for families. There is a lot of diversity which we like” – Elizabeth

“Our friend mentioned the church, at the time we had a preschool age kid. Through the Religious Education program we realized what an engaged and wonderful parish this is. Here it is so interactive and there are so many events. That helps inspire me.” – Judith

Question of the Month #4, Maria


“The welcoming family friendly atmosphere. We were parishioners before we got married.” – Maria

“The sense of community. It’s a strong parish. I was raised in a very small parish, like 200 people, it still has the small parish feel here. There is always opportunity to be involved.” – Tricia

“I was raised in this church. Truthfully, wherever you go, you can always come back and know that here, the community is waiting to welcome you back.” – Jenny

Question of the Month #4 Tricia


I look to each person at Holy Family with admiration and respect because you play an important role strengthening and building this community. This community, beginning for me with the RCIA program and continuing with the people I meet at mass, after church, and in the EDGE program where I volunteer as a catechist, has always made me feel welcome and supported. As I asked this month’s question I could tell from the responses people gave, that my feelings about Holy Family are shared.

Please share your answer to this month’s question with us in the comments section below.


I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

C. S. Lewis


Keep an eye out for our roving reporter, Flannery LaGrua

by Flannery LaGrua

How easily I could replace the term ‘Christianity’ with ‘Grace’ or ‘God’s Love’. The promise of God’s constant and unimpeachable love is the corner-stone of our faith. This love must be the foundation from which we build ourselves, and our relationships to others.

I see God’s love reflected in the face of this community by the way we come together, whether during mass or at the parish fair, as individuals and with our families, to share our faith with openness towards each other and God. We are pushed from within to build ourselves up from a foundation of our Catholic faith made stronger in community.  Bringing Kathy Coffey to present on the Revised Roman Missile is a perfect example of this community’s desire to grow in and share faith.


This month’s question is ‘How do you see God’s love reflected in the Holy Family community?’

This was my favorite question to ask so far. The fear was apparent on every face as I approached each person with, “I write a monthly article for Holy Family, may I ask you a question.” However, that discomfort for being put on the spot, quickly melted away as I asked this month’s question and, with a breath of relief, was told, “Oh, that’s easy.”  I think these responses express the Holy Family present and living in this community, which is a family itself.

Richard "Rico"

Nelly – Everyone is so united. Even though we don’t know each other, I know so much love and caring here.

 Doug – My children who are at co-op and Sunday pre-school; my daughter who is in Kindergarten. My family is becoming a part of a larger family. [The community] really hits on ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. I think all of the RCIA folks will always have a unique view of the Church. For us as adults to feel the welcome of the church, the parish and the Church as a whole, it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever done – to stand up and profess your faith with a group of people doing the same thing.

Connie – The family atmosphere and the people here, the leaders. It’s a very loving community this church.

 Richard “Rico”- I see God’s love reflected in the large turnout and warm, positive atmosphere at Sunday mass.

Please share with us in the comments section below how you see God’s love reflected in this community.


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