Ministry Leader Directory

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Administration Commission Chair Marc Serrio
Building & Maintenance Committee Patricia Plescia (626) 403-6106
Bulletin Karen Whitney (626) 403-6108
Collection Counters Carol Joe (626) 403-6101
Finance Council Jane Lee (626) 403-6103
Pastoral Council Ed Panconi
Safeguard the Children Committee Kelly Watson
Scrip Committee Dianne Ciulla


Community Life

Community Life Commission  Juan Jimenez, Chair
Auction Mary Schimmoller
Boy Scouts Bob McClain
Catholic Communication Ministry (Toastmasters) Mary Elizabeth Ohde
Continental Breakfast Patricia Plescia (626) 403-6106
Cub Scouts Bill Pallares (626) 797-5497
Environmental Ministry Carol Polanskey
Fair Raffle  Emily and Leonard Diaz
Fifty Plus Club Julie Smith
Filipino Catholic Association Jun Bandalan 626-251-7182
Holy Family Dad’s Club Armand Adkins
Hospitality Ministry (Greeters) Judy De Balough (323) 256-8766
Bernadette McCann (626) 441-6119
Italian Catholic Federation Theresa Sabatella Shaw (626)403-6102
Kindred Spirits Linda Long
Welcome Center Joe Bermudez (626)570-0513
Young Adults Cecilia Phan (626) 403-6137
Webmaster Mark Melchiorre




Education/Form. Commission Chair
Baptism Ministry Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Bible Study/Parish Missions Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Bookstore Anne Yee (626) 403-6133
Confirmation (adults) Dawn Ponnet (626) 403-6128
Confirmation (teens) Dawn Ponnet (626) 403-6128
Divorced and Separated Support Group  Terri Lynn Doubet  818-729-0577 (626) 233-8370
Embracing the Beginning of Life Natalie Duran and Rafael Flores Rafael – larafa@yahoo.comNatalie –
Gay and Lesbian Outreach Elizabeth S. Taylor, Ph.D. 626.792.1103
H.F. School Board Connie Harding
H.F. School Legacy of Learning Jill Toth
H.F. School Parent Guild Angela Fernandez
H.F. School Principal Frank Montejano (626) 799-4354
Liturgy of the Word for Children Linda & Tom Breen
Men’s Reading Group Ron Piccirillo
RCIA (adults, teens, children) Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Religious Education Program Colette Villegas (626) 403-6118
ReMembering/ReImagining Church Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Social Concerns Jane Argento (626) 403-6140
Soup ‘n Cinema (with Fr. Tony Scannell) Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Spiritual Direction Elwia Beaudette
Veronica Hurd (626)627-6022
Mary O’Brien (323) 550-8394
Mary Schimmoller 626-403-6113
Sunday Preschool 15-16 Andrea Nassaney (626) 403-6112
Toddler Co-op 15-16 Valerie Meyer (626) 403-6121
Video Ministry/ Holy Family Productions Dawn Ponnet (626) 403-6128
The Women’s Connection Mary Hannon (626) 403-6125
Women’s Reading Group Mary Miasnik
Youth Ministry Dawn Ponnet (626) 403-6128



Director of Community Services Carrie-Ann Lue Sue (626) 403-6140
Outreach Commission Chair Maxine Liggins
Career Networking Group Bruce McIntosh
Restorative Justice Jane Argento
Dolores Mission Diane Sternal
Fair Trade Ministry  Marivic Sabillo
Friends Who Care (Funeral Receptions) Carrie-Ann Lue Sue (626) 403-6140
Giving Bank Carrie-Ann Lue Sue (626) 403-6140
Mission Haiti Mary Nally
Karl Holtsnider (626) 403-6139
Pastoral Care (Ministry to the Elderly and Sick) Mary Ternan (626) 403-6115
St. Vincent de Paul Society Carrie-Ann Lue Sue (626) 403-6140


Director of Worship Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Worship Commission Chair Kathy Holtsnider
Altar Servers Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Blessed Mother Prayer Group Margie Jaramillo (323) 257-1935
Block Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer Group Ramon Lacson
Francis Cavestany, Jr.
Centering Prayer Group Brian O’Neil  (626) 482-9239
Church Environment Committee Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Eucharistic Ministers Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick Mary Ternan (626) 403-6115
Lectors Anne Marie Richardson-Gibbs 323.344.0473
Liturgy of the Word for Children Tom & Linda Breen
Moms’ Prayer Group Sue Feldmeth
Music Ministry Director Andrew Reed (626) 403-6124
9:30 Choir Tony Azeltine
11:15 Choir Andrew Reed (626) 403-6124
5:30 Youth Choir Ben Coria
Prayers For Children Donna Gibson (626)799-9426
Sacristans Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Ushers Frank Ponnet (626) 403-6116
Wedding Coordinator Jane Jackson (626) 403-6131

Also see our Staff Directory