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Ministry Leader Directory

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Administration Commission Chair Marc Ulrich marc.ulrich@gmail.com
Building & Maintenance Committee Patricia Plescia patricia@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6106
Bulletin Karen Whitney bulletin@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6108
Business Manager Jane Lee janelee@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6103
Collection Counters Carol Joe cjoe@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6101
Finance Council Jane Lee janelee@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6103
Garden Ministry Stacy Garnica duricamp@gmail.com (310) 529-3877
Information Technology Tad Shaw tad@holyfamily.org (626) 799-8908
Operations Director Patricia Plescia patricia@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6106
Pastoral Council David Sanchez parishcouncil@holyfamily.org
Safeguard the Children Committee Elizabeth Calciano Fagan ecalciano@localgovlaw.com  (626) 437-3865
Scrip Committee Dianne Ciulla ciaociulla@earthlink.net

Community Life

Community Life
Ed Panconi, Chair eapanconi@sbcglobal.net
2014 Divine Dinner Chairs Bill and Michelle Alexander; John and Louise and John Edmunds; Bill and Julie Miller; Ken and Kelly Watson divinedinners@holyfamily.org 626-403-6113
Communications / PR / Dinner Hosts
Michelle & Bill Alexander
michelle-alexander@outlook.com  626.808.7301
Patrons / Cocktail Event
Louise & John Edmunds
Louise-edmunds@hotmail.com 818.398.5681
Procurement / Auction
Kelly & Ken Watson
kellyoconnorwatson@gmail.com 626.665.5531
Boy Scouts Bob McClain bob_mcclain_2000@yahoo.com
Catholic Communication Ministry (Toastmasters) Mary Elizabeth Ohde meohde@aol.com
Continental Breakfast Patricia Plescia patricia@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6106
Cub Scouts Bill Pallares Pallares@lbbsaw.com (626) 797-5497
Environmental Ministry Carol Polanskey cpolanskey@earthlink.net
Fall Festival 2014 Ramon Barreras & Veronica Del Rio Barreras – Procurement
Scott & Lauren Delphey- Entertainment & Decorations  laurendelphey@gmail.com
Manuel & Kathryn Olaiz – Operations  mwolaiz@pacbell.net
Joseph & Emily Viola – Volunteers & Communications/Marketing  emilyviola@yahoo.com
Fair Raffle
Fifty Plus Club Julie Smith the7smiths@yahoo.com
Filipino Catholic Association Jack Abrera sjabrera@aol.com (323) 258-9326
Holy Family Men’s Club Ed Panconi eapanconi@sbcglobal.net 323.816.3521
Hospitality Ministry (Greeters) Judy De Balough (323) 256-8766
Bernadette McCann (626) 441-6119
Italian Catholic Federation Theresa Sabatella Shaw theresa@holyfamily.org (626)403-6102
Kindred Spirits Linda Long kindredspirits@holyfamily.org
Welcome Center Joe Bermudez (626)570-0513
Young Adults James Doliente hfya_coreteam@yahoo.com (626) 403-6137
Webmaster Mark Melchiorre
Website Editor Karen Whitney bulletin@holyfamily.org (626)403-6108


Director of Faith Formation Dawn Ponnet dponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6128
Education/Form. Commission Chair Ramon Barreras ramon.barreras@gmail.com
Adult Education and Formation Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Baptism Ministry Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Bible Study/Parish Missions Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Bookstore Anne Yee anne@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6133
Confirmation (adults) Dawn Ponnet dponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6128
Confirmation (teens) Dawn Ponnet dponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6128
Divorced and Separated Support Group Heidi Seiber (626) 233-8370
Gay and Lesbian Outreach Elizabeth S. Taylor, Ph.D. 626.792.1103
H.F. School Board Angela Parris aparris@earthlink.net
H.F. School Legacy of Learning Mary Baxter marybaxter@charter.net
H.F. School Parent Guild Erin Maloney erinmaloney@earthlink.net
H.F. School Principal Frank Montejano fmontejano@holyfamily.org (626) 799-4354
Liturgy of the Word for Children Linda & Tom Breen lbreen@polytechnic.org
Men’s Reading Group Ron Piccirillo ronpicc@earthlink.net
RCIA (adults, teens, children) Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Religious Education Program Colette Villegas cvillegas@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6118
ReMembering Church Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Social Concerns Jane Argento PArge98257@aol.com (626) 403-6140
Soup ‘n Cinema (with Fr. Tony Scannell) Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Spiritual Direction Veronica Hurd v1veronica@gmail.com (626)627-6022
Mary O’Brien maryobrien90041@hotmail.com (323) 550-8394
Sunday Preschool 14-15 Donella Sotelo Onica Cole hfsundaypreschool@gmail.com (626) 403-6112
Toddler Co-op 13-14 Veronica del Rio-Barreras toddlers@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6121
Video Ministry/ Holy Family Productions Dawn Ponnet dponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6128
The Women’s Connection Mary Hannon womensconnection@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6125
Women’s Reading Group Mary Miasnik mmiasnik@adelphia.net
Youth Ministry Dawn Ponnet dponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6128


Director of Community Services Carrie-Ann Lue Sue cluesue@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6140
Outreach Commission Chair Maxine Liggins jmliggins@aol.com
Career Networking Group Bruce McIntosh BigMac5948@yahoo.com
Restorative Justice Jane Argento PArge98257@aol.com
Dolores Mission Diane Sternal disternal@sbcglobal.net
Fair Trade Ministry  Marivic Sabillo
Friends Who Care (Funeral Receptions) Carrie-Ann Lue Sue cluesue@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6140
Giving Bank Carrie-Ann Lue Sue cluesue@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6140
Mission Haiti Mary Nally mmathernally@gmail.com
Karl Holtsnider karlholt@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6139
Pastoral Care (Ministry to the Elderly and Sick) Mary Ternan mary@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6115
St. Vincent de Paul Society Carrie-Ann Lue Sue cluesue@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6140


Director of Worship Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Worship Commission Chair Kathy Holtsnider  kholtsnider@mayfieldjs.org
Altar Servers Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Blessed Mother Prayer Group Margie Jaramillo (323) 257-1935
Block Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer Group Ramon Lacson rlacsonsr@earthlink.net
Francis Cavestany, Jr. cavs10efl@aol.com
Centering Prayer Group Brian O’Neil ddscls@calinen.com  (626) 482-9239
Church Environment Committee Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Eucharistic Ministers Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick Mary Ternan mary@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6115
Lectors Anne Marie Richardson-Gibbs rgam10@aol.com 323.344.0473
Liturgy of the Word for Children Tom & Linda Breen lbreen@polytechnic.org
Moms’ Prayer Group Sue Feldmeth  feldmeth@charter.net
Music Ministry Director Andrew Reed andrewpreed@hotmail.com (626) 403-6124
9:30 Choir Tony Azeltine tazeltine@yahoo.com
11:15 Choir Andrew Reed andrewpreed@hotmail.com (626) 403-6124
5:30 Youth Choir Ben Coria HFyouthchoir@gmail.com
Prayers For Children Donna Gibson prayersforchildren@holyfamily.org (626)799-9426
Sacristans Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Ushers Frank Ponnet fponnet@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6116
Wedding Coordinator Jane Jackson jane@holyfamily.org (626) 403-6131

Also see our Staff Directory