Diaconate Journey Continues – Stations of the Cross

Our latest class was March 16th at the Immaculate Community Center in Glendale. After the usual class format we had reports from the from the Religious Education Congress and prayed the Stations of the Cross. We like the Immaculate Community Center because we have our class in the gym. Most people do not think of a gym as a great place for a class, let alone for the Stations of the Cross, but it worked well! The gym allows you …

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Pray for Children – March 15

March 15 – Prayer Day for Children. Let us join in world unity and oneness in blessing, prayer, and positive thought for children and youth. This month may we focus on those held in slavery. Children and young people are stolen, bought, and bonded into slavery. This happens in Haiti, China, the US, India, Africa, Pakistan, – all countries of the world. Through our blessing and prayer, may they be given hope and their fundamental freedoms.

The Diaconate Journey Continues – Forgive and Forget?

Since our last post about the Religious Education Congress was quite lengthy, this one will be short. Our last formation class was March 2nd at the Alemany High School in Mission Hills. After the regular schedule we had discussion regarding what we are to bring to the Seder Meal on March 23 at St. Margaret Mary in Lomita, Deacon Craig & Anne Marie Siegman’s Parish. We then learned the second part of the Liturgy of the Hours which included being …

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Conversion of a Different Nature

by Evelyn Barge Conversion technology may sound like a machine designed to swap out American dollars for euros or pesos, but the reality is much different. These technologies actually transform solid waste into useful products—particularly renewable energy. Here in the Los Angeles area and the U.S. at large, waste-to-energy conversion systems are still an up-and-coming concept. But in many parts of the world, conversion technologies are already in place providing energy for entire populations. In Sweden, for example, the waste …

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The Diaconate Journey Continues – Heartfelt Prayers

Our most recent diaconate formation session was at Alamany High School February 16th. We would like to share our impressions of the afternoon Prayer Service and what was referred to as a “Soaking” Prayer. Shortly after we started the year, each couple was assigned a date to conduct a prayer service. We thought that after the initial working out of the technical aspects, the prayer services would reach a peak and then level off. If that is the case, then …

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