Diaconate Journey Continues – Ignatian Spirituality

May 18th was our last Spiritual Direction and the turning in of our last homework as Deacon Aspirants. We also spent the afternoon with Jerry Frumento who is a passionate instructor on the Old Testament. Our last Spiritual Direction marked the completion of the 19th Annotation¬†of the St. Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. This, like so many other aspects of this year seemed so far away last September.¬† Each member of the Aspirancy Diaconate group met with their Spiritual Director, which was …

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May 15 – Pray for Children

May 15 – Prayer Day for Children. Let us join in world unity by focusing our blessing, prayer and thought to children who are hungry and starving. In Somalia 130,000 children died of starvation – in Haiti children eat mud pies – in Brazil the garbage pickers – Russia the sewage dwellers – Syria the refugee camps -the long lines at US food banks……….. the list continues in every country. Let us also include in our prayers that politics no …

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