Diaconate Journey…Four Faces of Jesus

October 18, 2014  During this class we discussed our papers about the article, “The Four Faces of Jesus” by Virginia Smith as well as the introduction to the book “Who is Jesus? An Introduction to Christology” by Thomas P. Rausch. As we prepare for each class we usually have a reading assignment. When we read something for class, we produce a one page paper that contains three or four parts: What did I learn? (Intellectual Component) This is 5 – …

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Diaconate Journey Continues….Together Alone

October 4, 2014  We continue our third of five years in diaconate formation as a part of the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton class. This was the first time during formation that both of us did not attend class together. Candy was out of town at her 40th class reunion. The date for her reunion had been set prior to the formation schedule and she was one of the chairs. Being at class without Candy was strange to say the least. As …

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October 15, Prayers for Children, Respect for Life

October 15, 2014  Respect for Life  Joining in concern for each unique individual the dignity of life, beginning with the miracle of conception family the rights of children and youth child refugees seeking safety and basic necessities girls and their right to be educated, and be free from harmful traditional practices ourselves as uniquely, gifted persons may we bless, pray and think positively that as a global family, we grow in respect for all creation. . A Native American quote …

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