Prayers for Children – Dangers of migration!

May 15, 2015, Current events compel us to join in positive thought, prayer and blessing of migrants. People from Africa and the Middle East are trying desperately to get to Europe. Many are children unaccompanied by adults. Just the journey to the Mediterranean Sea is horrific due to the inhumanity of smugglers. Then boats used are overloaded, unseaworthy, and lack basic necessities – food, water etc. Since January 2015, 1,800 migrants have died – 30 times higher than in 2014. …

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The Diaconate Journey – the Serra Club

Below are our latest two blogs. The first is about our presentation to the Serra Club and the second is about our latest class. ( Click here to read all of Jay and Candy’s Diaconate blogs!) March 30th, 2015 – Candy & Jay Krueger were asked to present their diaconate journey to the Serra Club of Pasadena on March 30th. Serra International is an organization of the Global Lay Apostolate for Vocations in the Catholic Church.Since it was founded in 1935, …

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