Conversion is Not Possible without Recognition of Our Sin

Conversion is Not Possible without Recognition of Our Sin Bro. Raymond L. Fitz, S.M. Fr. Ferree Professor of Social Justice President Emeritus, University of Dayton From Open Wide Ours Hearts, The United States Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter Against Racism “What is needed, and what we are calling for, is a genuine conversion of heart, a conversion that will compel change, and the reform of our institutions and society.” All of us are in need of personal, ongoing conversion. Rosary beads …

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The Scourge of Racism – Fr. Jim Heft

The middle of five children, I grew up in a family that was wonderful in bringing Protestants and Catholics together, and this was long before Vatican II. My father was a Protestant and my mother a Catholic, and despite objections from both of their families, they built a good marriage. After leaving the farm in central Ohio, my Dad worked in Cleveland for a Jew, Max Friedman, who was, to mix religions, like Santa Claus to our family. This was …

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Prayers for Children, February 2019

February 15, 2019 – Prayers for Children – Let us focus our prayers, blessings and positive thoughts for our children who are surrounded by negativity,anger, non-acceptance, and bullying. We a need a world for children, where we respect ourselves and the basic rights of each person. We need to appreciate and learn about different cultures, motivations,religions etc.even if we cannot accept all the choices of others.. This change must happen as we live in our communities, teach our children, and …

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