“Ministry of the Tables and Chairs”-The Perfect Ministry!

The Perfect Ministry! No meetings! No fees! Volunteer when you can! Meet others and enjoy our Parish Community! Join the “Ministry of the Tables and Chairs” We at Holy Family are a people of hospitality! This takes all of us working together to welcome others and make them feel part of God’s Kingdom at this special Parish.    As St. Paul wrote so eloquently – each of us plays an integral role in the Body of Christ –we can’t all be …

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Prayers for Children, April 15 2019-World Day for Street Children

April, 2019 -The UN has designated April 12 as World Day for Street Children. We are reminded of the millions of throwaway children worldwide – the garbage pickers of Brazil, restevics of Haiti, sewer children of Russia, the unwanted in the US and other countries. They live their lives in prostitution, forced armed conflict, beggars, servitude, child trafficking, …….They have no schooling, no health care, no hope. Some of this is due to familial abuse, poverty, death, war, disasters. Let …

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