Bible Study 101 Introduction to the Bible

Open the Bible with newcomers and experienced students alike. Both will find much to learn and explore in this helpful introductory study. During our seven weeks together we will look at  practical explanations that will make the Bible more familiar, giving readers a sense of the Bible’s structure, a better understanding of its various themes and writing styles, and insight into how to interpret the Bible within the Catholic tradition. This study also provides direction in how to choose a Bible, how to navigate its contents, and how to get the most out of Bible study. The Little Rock Scripture Study will be our text, it is available at Holy Family Bookstore. 

If you want to…

  • Learn more about God and God’s relationship with his people
  • Deepen your faith
  • Pray with Scripture
  • Understand how Catholic Christianity is based in Scripture
  • Learn to live your faith in your daily life
  • Grow in your understanding of discipleship

…then you’ve found the right place!

We are meeting on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am in the Galilee Room for one hour.

Intro Session (September 12)

  • What is the Bible?
  • How is the Bible connected to Mass and other sacraments?
  • What is a Lectionary?
  • The Little Rock Way

Session 1 (September 19)

  • The Bible and Christian Life

(We will not meet on September 26th)

Session 2 (October 3)

  • Choosing and Exploring your Bible

Session 3 (October 10)

  • Biblical Composition and Inspiration

Session 4 (October 17)

  • Understanding and Interpreting Scriptures

Session 5 (October 24)

  • Biblical Fundamentals and the Canon of Scriptures

Session 6  (October 31)

  • Reading and Studying the Bible
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