Prayers for Children – January 15th, 2017

January 15,2017– Thinking back over the year 2016, we realize it was a most difficult and divisive year. Daily we heard the news, reports, and saw pictures of the suffering and death of hundreds – thousands of people and among the most vulnerable – the children. Now more than ever we need to reconnect to all that matters and is important to our families, nations, the world. Let us pray, bless and think positively about respect for life, common basic …

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Prayers for Children… Gift of Peace

Dec. 15, 2016 This is the season of celebration, giving thanks, and thoughts of peace. We think of our children and pray for peace. Also in thought, prayers and blessing – remember all the children of the world, especially those who have never known peace and mercy. They are in want and need. They cry for the warmth of love and the silence of peace. Listen to Elie Wiesel and let “Peace be our gift to each other.”  

Prayers for Children- Sept. 15, 2016

Reality. One week ago while sitting under a fig tree, the youngest boy of a family saw a person approaching. He asked the man for a pen. He wanted to draw a picture. The man asked, “where do you live?” The child answered, “I don’t know.” This is the child’s reality – no food, no home, no shelter. There are too many who answer, “I don’t know” in every country, city, and village. These are the children crossing the Mediterranean …

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Prayers for Children – the Promise of Tomorrow

Aug.15, 2016 –  Now we must think of our children during this pandemic of killings here and around the world. Families and friends have lost so much. What do we do in response to tragedy? We must allow our children to see, share and learn from us. We grieve – we do acts of mercy – we do not retaliate – we empathize. We show love and mercy for the human family. As a caring world, let us join together …

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Prayers for Children, See the World through their Eyes

July 15, 2016. Recent and current events seem to surround us with negativity, distrust, disbelief, and lack of concern for others. However as a global family, we share the same needs, same desires and same care for our children and others. Let us with world-wide concern, continue in positive thought, prayer,and blessing for all our children and youth. In our families and neighborhoods, let us show mercy, welcome the child, and continue to love.respect, teach, and support our children. “The …

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Prayers for Children-World Refugee Day

June 15, 2016. Let us focus our prayers, blessings and positive thoughts on the hungry, the starving, the thirsty. Every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger. This is due not only to government mismanagement and war but also the drought. Throughout the world – Africa, South America, Canada, the Mediterranean, Central Europe, the United States and more – children and families are starving. Water is so scarce, crops cannot grow. Let us show our concern and continue our service …

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Prayers for Children… by Children – May 15

May 15, 2016.  About 500,000 people live in a refugee camp in tents in Dadaab, Kenya. The fifth- grade students of Holy Family School in South Pasadena, CA made this art work to remind us of the children living there. In the art work, we can see the tents. The thoughts, prayers and blessings of the children are represented by the butterflies. Join the children in thought, prayer and blessing for the refugee children and all the children of the world today and …

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Prayers for Children- International Day for Street Children and Earth Day

April 15, 2016. World prayers for children is the 15th of each month. How appropriate that April 15 is positioned between “International Day for Street Children” and “Earth Day”. Our children are earth’s future and the earth is theirs. We need and want each to be beautiful, healthy and happy. This April 15 direct your positive thoughts, prayers and blessings to the world’s children and make the earth your legacy. An American Indian proverb “Treat the earth well: it was …

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Prayers for Children – 15th of Every Month

Feb.15,2016. Though we are many people in many lands, we are just one family in just one world. In shared humanity and dignity, with caring, love, and mercy, we welcome the opportunities of each day. Especially on the 15th of each month, offer positive thoughts, prayers and blessing for all children in cities and villages, countries and continents, and every corner of the world. Our children are today’s gift and tomorrow’s’ promise. Be one with the family of the world …

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“It is the Children who Speak”… Prayers for Children

Jan 15, 2016. “Listen to the stories of a year. Hear the songs,the joys, the prayers, the best and worst of times. It is the children who speak. More than words must be heard, their voices echo through…” Msgr. Clement J. Connolly. Yes, we see their sufferings, hear their cries. We hear their pleas for respect and love. We rejoice with each step forward, We gather them all into an embrace of caring and love. We must continue in blessing, …

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