October 15 Prayers for Children of Haiti

Oct. 15,2013 – This month through prayer, blessing, positive thought, and worldwide concern, we focus not only on Syria but the children of Haiti. The UN reports in Haiti – 81,600 children are malnourished – 385,000 people remain in camps in deteriorating conditions – and there is increasing drug trafficking – cholera outbreaks – gang violence, and prostitution. But there is hope. Even in the largest slum, Cite Soliel, (yes, the children still eat mud pies, live in shacks surrounded …

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Diaconate Journey Continues- Mental Illness

Here is our latest Blog. We hope that what we have provided will have a similar impact to the reader as an experience that brought us to tears did. We deeply pray that the subject of Mental Illness will be discussed, education occur and action taken. Our latest Diaconate class on April 20th included a communion service, a meeting with Dr. William Shaules, the facilitator for the Year 1 Candidacy class, and a two and a half hour discussion on …

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Michele Silveri

 “Volunteering, making a difference, that’s what gives me life” says Michele Silveri, “Meesh” to her friends. Michele began her volunteer career at Holy Family when she moved from New York to South Pasadena 20 years ago. Her daughter Danielle went through Holy Family School and she started as a board-member for Religious Education.  For many years she set-up the playground for carpool – every day!   In 2002 she joined the Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) and has been its president for …

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April 15 – Pray for Children

April 15 – Prayers for Children The children and youth of Syria are desperate. – Over 400 children hunted and killed. Some tortured. – Children in refugee camps (with family or orphans) are hungry, in fear, with little help. – Only 1 in 5 schools survive. Children don’t have the normalcy of a school day. – Those hurt or wounded have no health care. – The family support system is fragmented with some beyond repair. And who cares? Let us …

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Conversion of a Different Nature

by Evelyn Barge Conversion technology may sound like a machine designed to swap out American dollars for euros or pesos, but the reality is much different. These technologies actually transform solid waste into useful products—particularly renewable energy. Here in the Los Angeles area and the U.S. at large, waste-to-energy conversion systems are still an up-and-coming concept. But in many parts of the world, conversion technologies are already in place providing energy for entire populations. In Sweden, for example, the waste …

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At the Welcome Center this Sunday 1/27/13

The Holy Family Gay and Lesbian Outreach provides a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for gays and lesbians, as well as the parents of gays and lesbians, to be heard and to celebrate their love and acceptance in the Catholic Church.

Do not forget the hands of the aged….

“Do not forget the hands of the aged; they have touched much of life and have become sensitive and sympathetic.” — Anonymous Holy Family Pastoral Care ministers to the elderly and sick members of the community with dignity and respect, offering compassionate care and encouraging a sense of belonging and connection to the Body of Christ through Eucharist and the people of God. Would you like to help support Holy Family’s Pastoral Care Ministry?  If you interested in volunteering – …

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What do you think of the Holy Family Mission?

Fr. Michael Fish, a monk from the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, has provided Holy Family with two amazing days of prayer and wisdom.  If you have not had a chance to come to the Mission yet, I cannot encourage you enough to try to make it tonight at 7:00 pm (lite dinner at 6:15)  and/or Wednesday.  I believe you will be very glad you did.  The final Mission day is Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 9 am  (after mass and …

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Volunteering – A Great Way To Learn Real Executive Leadership

from Forbes.com 12-21-11, by Contributor – Karl Moore

One of the most powerful ways for younger managers to understand and experience the type of leadership needed for the C-Suite is to do volunteer work early in their careers. This is because the type of leadership at the top is akin to being a leader of volunteers, it is not about carrots and sticks but about persuasion and getting people to grasp and follow your vision.

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Angels in the new year

We are all called to be the spark of God to our fellow human beings.  It is easy to say “how could God let this happen?”  But so often, it is really our own inaction that allows the evil to happen or the good to “not happen” .  There is great power within each of us because of our spiritual/physical nature to do good, to be “an angel” to our neighbor as Phyllis Zagano writes about so beautifully in this …

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