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God and gives Himself to us in the Eucharist.
Jesus gives us the Eucharist to keep us growing. God desires to feed
and take care of us. We need Him to heal our wounds and change
our lives. If our treasure and our hearts lie with Jesus we will begin to
see what He sees and to want what He wants. He comes to make us
whole people, and to challenge us to ˈrefuelˉ our lives. Jesus is our
ˈsoul foodˉ.
Dear Jesus, help me to understand the significance of your sacrifice
on the cross and the gift of your body and blood. Because I am in-
vited to receive you in this most blessed sacrament, help me to re-
ceive my brothers and sisters with the same understanding, forgive-
ness, and love that you offer to me. I pray that through this most
precious gift I may be transformed and fulfill the purpose you have
created me for. Amen.
RCIA Team Member