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Acts of the Apostles 8:26-40
Psalm 66:8-9, 16-17, 20
John 6:44-51
In today˅s first reading, we are given the wonderful and vivid story of Philip and
the Ethiopian eunuch. One can picture the scene of the eunuch riding high in
style, journeying through the desert after his pilgrimage to Jerusalemˁreading the
Scriptures. He seems to be doing everything ˈrightˉ. Then, we find Philip hailing
down the carriage to give this illustrious man his interpretations of the Scriptures.
Filled with God˅s Spirit, Philip boldly gave witness that Jesus was the One
prophesized by Isaiah. He goes on to share the storyˎwhat he has seen and
witnessed with his own eyes.
What courage Philip displayed as an early Christian disciple as he bravely and
boldly gave witness to this manˁa man who was different in culture from himself,
but who clearly possessed power and prestige. Amazingly, the two end up in
the water, together, where the eunuch is baptized by choice. This scene parallels
in many ways Luke˅s telling of how Jesus revealed the Scriptures on the Road to
Emmausˁand then revealed himself in the breaking of the bread.
Today˅s Gospel reading from John moves us even further on this theological
journey as the Evangelist reveals that the bread from heaven, that is Jesus, is
the˅ ˈflesh for the life of the worldˉ. We are given this bread, that we may know
eternal life. So, our great Christian hope is revealed.
One can see a sequence in today˅s
readings. From encountering the
Scriptures, we are led to a personal
profession of faith and a conver-
sion. And, as we come to know Je-
sus as the ˈbread of lifeˉ, we are