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Acts of the Apostles 9 1-20
Psalm 117:1BC, 2
John 6:52-59
Acts 9:1-20 is Luke˅s account of the conversion and baptism of Saul,
later named Paul. On the way to Damascus to arrest Christians, Paul
is struck blind and hears Jesus˅ voice. He has a conversion experi-
ence, regains his sight, is baptized and begins to preach.
Paul˅s conversion could not have been more dramatic or profound.
He emerged on fire with a mission -- to travel and preach the Good
News. Not even imprisonment stopped him,
writing prolific letters until his death under Nero
in Rome.
Paul was an unlikely convert, a rabid hater of
Christ and all things Christian. Why would God
have chosen him? Perhaps because the very
fervor he possessed could be redirected from a
love of the law to a law of Christ˅s love. He
was physically altered in the metaphor of blind-
ness to sightedness -- finally ˈseeingˉ that Je-
sus was the Son of God whose unimaginable
love and sacrifice must be shared with others.
He had been given this truth and knew zealous
preaching and writing were his calling.