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Acts of the Apostles 1: 1-11
Psalm 47:2-3, 6-7, 8-9
Ephesians 1:17-23 or 4: 1-13 or 4:1-7, 11-13
Mark 16:15-20
ˈA little while and you will not see me,
and again a little while and you will see me?
Amen, amen, I say to you,
you will weep and mourn, while the world rejoices;
you will grieve, but your grief will become joy.ˉ
Easter is such a holy time for me; however that has not always been the case. I
am ashamed to admit that I fall into the category of folks that get all caught up in
the ˈcommercialˉ hoop-la of Christmas and just could not really care less about
Easter. It was just another family gathering to me. Don˅t get me wrong, I have
always rolled through the motions of giving up something for Lent, avoided meat
on Fridays etcˎ.but never really pondered what the meaning of Easter really is
and why I was doing all these things.
One Good Friday when I was in college, I de-
cided to stop off at my folks house to grab
some lunch since I was in the area. I walked in
to find my father watching Jesus of Nazareth,
holding a large plastic bowl in his lap and just
sobbing, letting all his tears fall into the bowl. I
joined him on the couch where we watched the
crucifixion and cried together. It was a holy
moment for me.
Since then, I have taken the time to reflect on
Easter and what it means. It is no longer just
another family gathering filled cute little Easter