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notice my undertakings. I want the rewards that come with doing a good job. I
want to be noticed! I think Jesus is okay with that. But what I learned from this
passage, that Jesus wants me to do the difficult work, the work that no one else
wants to do, the work of a slave. Now that is tough.
When I was a young teacher, one of my mentor teachers was very inspiring to me
not only as a teacher but as a human being. I remember walking from our class-
rooms to the teachers lounge and he would always pick up trash along the way. I
would think, ˈwhy is he doing that? I would leave that for the mainte-
nance people.ˉ The next thing I saw him being friendly with the mainte-
nance people. I didn˅t even know their names. I watched this for over a
semester with a lens of disbelief. Then one Holy Thursday, I watched
and listened and learned that Jesus took off his outer garments and
washed very dirty feet. The lens broke and my eyes were opened like the
disciples on the road to Emmaus.
The little girl with her arm waving in the air still lives in my body, but also
the wisdom of my mentor teacher, and the wisdom of this church which
brings all kinds of people my way. I hope that I am able to receive God˅
s ˈchildrenˉ like the real mentor of us all, Jesus the Christ.
Jesus, my brother and my mentor.
Help me to wash the feet of your people,
May I listen with a loving heart
May I comfort
May I affirm
May I put myself last
And may I always remember to love and honor others
And I love and honor you.
I ask this in your holy name.