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1 Samuel 9:1-4, 17-19; 10:1A
Psalm 21:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
Mark 2:13-17
Trust in the Lord, this is the summary of these readings. Saul was revealed
through God to Samuel as the person to “govern my people”. Samuel had no
knowledge of Saul, except that Saul was sent to find those lost from his flock. In
this case, it was the loss of his donkeys, but donkeys and sheep are still part of
the flock. In the gospel on this day, Jesus is sitting with “tax collectors and sin-
ners”, those who have strayed from the flock.
New Year’s is upon us. We tend to make resolutions which we cannot keep: los-
ing weight, watching less TV, spending less. What about if New Years was not
so much about reducing objects in our lives but obtaining them? What about if
we chose this New Years to spend more time “dining with sinners”? God is guid-
ing us in these readings to reach for just those objectives. These readings remind
us that we are invited each day to accept the journey that God has for each of us
and look for the lost donkeys or dine with tax collectors and sinners. How many
of us would be worthy to dine with Jesus? All of us! We are all “tax collectors
and sinners”; it does not matter to our Lord the sins we have committed in our
past. We all need to see the glory of our Lord and to accept the forgiveness that
he has given to each of us. Jesus does not only accept those perfect in faith
and spirit, but those of us who have strayed or have questioned our faith.
In this New Year, let us renew our spirit and our faith in our Lord. Let us look at
those who may have sinned against us or society and find forgiveness in our
hearts and souls as Jesus would have done for us. Let us dine with “tax collec-
tors and sinners” and fill the prescription which began with our Christ. What more
of a magical wonderful way to start the New Year than to renew the promises in
our faith and our confirmation to the wonderful traditions of Catholicism! Let us