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2 Samuel 5:1-7, 10
Psalm 89:20, 21-22, 25-26
Mark 3:22-30
In Mark’s gospel, Jesus is responding to the scribes’ accusations
saying he is possessed by demons. Jesus asserted his authority to
cast out demons as a clear demonstration of the reign of God. Jesus
knows that his disciples will be tested and assures them that the Holy
Spirit will give them the grace and help they need in their time of ad-
Some Jewish leaders wondered how Jesus could get the power and
authority to release individuals from Satan’s control and influence.
Jesus was so incredibly misunderstood. Have there been times
where we have been misunderstood, judged unfairly, made to feel
less than what we should? We ask God/the Holy Spirit to help us
lift people up, not tear them down, to have a positive presence in
people's lives, not a negative
presence, to be open to oth- listen and hear what
others are saying, feeling, ex-
Jesus speaks about a kingdom
and a house divided. We see
division in our life today--
divisiveness globally, in our