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Memorial of St. Francis De Sales
2 Samuel 6:12B-15, 17-19
Psalm 24:7, 8, 9, 10
Mark 3:31-35
The reading describes the arrival, with much celebr
tion, of the Ark of
the Covenant to Jerusalem, its permanent home. The Responsorial
Psalm recalls the singing that might have accompanied this festival
The Gospel, again in a celebratory manner, reminds us that we are
part of Jesus' family, along with the Virgin Mary and others.
As I read the Reading, the next to last line reminded me of a similar
line of poetry from the same area of the earth: "A loaf of bread, a jug
of wine, and thou, beside me, singing in the wilderness." Both are full
of words and sounds of happiness with the arrival of important people
and objects of one's devotion. How can one not feel at peace when
the air is filled with song, anticipation of beloved aspects of one's
life, and festive feelings augmented by others who celebrate with us?
With Jesus as our Bread of Life, a robust meat-and-drink meal, and
family and friends to share it with us in community, we answer with
the joy of the 24th Psalm. As I write this, I recall recent times with my
family, events always including a meal, lots of laughter, singing,
jokes, memories and the undeniable feeling of love in air, with God in
the center of it all, smiling and laughing along with us.
Oh God, the author of all our lives, I thank your for all the loving peo-
ple in my life; they and You are my reason for being. You have