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Acts of the Apostles 22:3-16 or 9:1-22
Psalm 117:1BC, 2
Mark 16:15-18
Paul's conversion is our model for discipleship. His conversion was a
turning point in his life and in the history of the early Church. Jesus is
calling each of us to go out into the whole world and tell the good
news. It was the reason for great celebration that a persecutor be-
came a follower of Christ and a missionary of the Church.
We pray that we can imitate Paul's willingness to be completely
changed by encountering the risen Christ on our life's journey.
Most of us will not have the dramatic experience of Paul. But if we
pay attention and shift our focus, we can see things with greater clar-
ity and a new vision. There is a grace pouring out to us constantly to
help us to look at everything as a possible visitation of Christ- a visit
of the Divine. God is in every encounter and we don't always know it
or recognize it.
If we listen with the attention of Paul and look for the Divine, we will
be astonished by the amazing
rhythm, grace and alignment
in the whole of creation. Di-
vinity is in everything around