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bundle of joy held my hand until she felt comfortable and safe enough to
venture out on her own into the approaching waves. For me the similarities
to God reaching out to us are very clear with his hand always available for
me to either cling to or release.
Throughout the Bible are stories of great joy and great sorrow, today how-
ever is clearly cause for great joy and celebration. Joy in the fact that God
reaches out to us in mercy, again and again. At one point while frolicking
at the shore my grand-niece proclaimed a heartfelt thank you and then
said; ˈI couldn˅t have done it without you!ˉ
Dear God,
May the joy that
children bring and
especially the joy
which your Son
Jesus brings stay
close to my heart
today and may
Mary˅s steadfast
faith be an exam-
ple for me in
walking in your
love. Stand near
when I may let go
and continue to guide me in my walk with my acknowledgement that, ˈI
couldn˅t do it without youˉ. Thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus and
the strength, humility and faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary.