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Memorial of St. Justin, Martyr
I Peter 4:7-13
Psalm 96:10,11-12,13
Mark 11:11-26
Peter tells us to be patient as we await the coming of God. We have
been promised and forewarned that God will come again; therefore,
we should grow in grace and be vigilant regarding our actions ˀ
guarding against falling from our stability within God˅s grace and be-
ing misled into an unprincipled life. The gospel of Mark tells the story
of the Pharisees attempting to trick Jesus into declaring that the pay-
ment of taxes is not God˅s will. Jesus knew that they were trying to
manipulate his answer, but responded anyway by saying they should
ˈRepay unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what be-
longs to God.ˉ And they were amazed.
Grace. To grow in the grace of God ˀ to grow in kindness, decency,
mercy, charity, favor and love. Being aware of God˅s grace to hu-
manity through his Son Christ Jesus
can seem a lofty goal, perhaps even
unachievable at times. But we must
keep our eye on that prize and recog-
nize that, of course, we cannot do it
alone. We must call out for God˅s
grace and be open to receiving it in
order to grow within it. We must await
the coming of God ˀ eagerly and pa-