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Lenten Weekday
2 Kings 5:1-15B
Psalm 42:2, 3; 43:3,4
Luke 4:24-30
People are not apt to accept a new prophet, even when one is in their own midst.
Such a prophet, who is closely aligned with God˅s ways, is often dismissed as
too ordinary or even worse, wanted by an angry mob intent on hurling him down
a hill. Ironically, the human soul cries out for God˅s presence, but so often we
cannot see it, even when it is right there in front of us.
Humans are riddled with contradictions. These readings graphically illustrate this.
We are stubborn and foolish, but we are also needy and continually aching be-
cause we are so disconnected from God. We are constantly stumbling, trying to
find grace. We want, but we are afraid. We seek, but we cannot see. Our ra-
tional mind weighs down our spiritˁit cannot quite believe what it sees or, if so,
not for very long. We have brief glimmers of insight, and then quickly, the mod-
ern mind brushes it away, blurring the crystal vision, silencing the ancient call.
Some of us try many
things before we get to a
more nuanced relation-
ship with God. Like the
Commander Naaman in
the first reading in 2
Kings, many of us believe
that nothing too basic
can help us. We must
see something extraordi-
nary as proofˁwe must
feel a big jolt! But truly,
God is within us right