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Acts 12:24—13:5a
Psalm 67:2-3, 5, 6 and 8
John 12:44-50
As recorded in Acts, the Holy Spirit sent the apostles and fol-
lowers to different regions to proclaim the Word of God.
Proclamation, according to Jesus, is sent directly from God.
Whoever believes in him believes in God, who sent him.
Evangelization comes in different forms. Holy Family Church
teaches us to live our faith. Some are more methodical by quoting the scriptures, par-
ticularly about the Truth, the Way, heaven and hell. Some share their personal stories,
witnessing God as they face their challenges and glories. I have also come across some
interesting methods, such as scare tactics. They ask if you are afraid of eternal burning
in hell, or why do you want to be separated from your Christian loved ones, who will go
to heaven. Once, a lady just relentlessly repeats herself about the need to believe until
she said “she can get her job done”. I also find it quite amusing when someone con-
vinces others to get baptized as an insurance policy. Just in case there is a God and
heaven, he said, you will not miss out.
As shown in today’s scriptures, it is the Holy Spirit that should move us to spread the
word. It is our Father’s words that should move us to speak. Evangelization is not a
deliberate marketing and sales effort. There is no quota to fill, no job performance to
evaluate. Different people have different approaches that appeal to different targets.
There is no need to push others into believing, nor need to argue when others reject.
Pray, relax, and let the Holy Spirit moves us and guide us. Remember that it is God
who seeks his people.
Recently, I was on a nature tour for 2 days. Our tour guide, Victor, is a devoted Chris-
tian. Meanwhile, a quarter of our Asian tour group is hard core Buddhists and more
than half does not believe in Christianity. Victor started our 3-hour bus ride by intro-
ducing the surrounding areas. Afterwards, he talked about his own experiences. He
would blend in nature, Chinese Confucius teachings, history, poetry, and how they all
tied in to the magnificent work and teachings of God. His talks were lively, sometimes
humorous, yet philosophical and often spiritual. As everyone wanted more, he started
telling Bible stories. To my surprise, everyone was interested. At the end of our trip,
Victor said he hoped he had planted a seed in everyone. I admire Victor’s ability to
evangelize to a difficult group, so naturally, so easing, with positive feedback from all.