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Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter
Acts 16:22-34
PS 138:1-2ab, 2cde-3, 7c-8
Gospel John 16:5-11
Several weeks after Paul’s conversion, he and Silas are at-
tacked and put into jail. Here they are beaten and inflicted
with many blows. But instead of being downcast they con-
tinue to sing God’s praises and trust in Him. Suddenly a giant
earthquake shakes the earth and jail doors are swung open
and the prisoners
chains are let loose. The Jailer awakes and
worried he will be in trouble attempts to take his own
life. But Paul speaks up and assures him. They all go to the Jailer
s home where his
family is baptized and Paul and Silas have their wounds tended to. There is great re-
In the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that he must return to the One who sent
him. The disciples are grieved but Jesus tells them He must go so that the Advocate,
the Holy Spirit can come to guide them.
The Psalms invoke us to remember how God rescues us and gives us strength. We are
to continue to praise all God’s good works and His kindness. This is what Paul and Si-
las did in the jail and they were rescued.
Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I have. Many. Daily even. Miracles from what was
going to be my next meal to great and mighty doors opening up a path for me to
walk. Miracles from narrowly missing an accident to sitting next to
favorite author
on an airplane. Or the right person crossing my path and offering a service I need. So
many miracles over the years that perhaps I have grown complacent. Though no
doubt when a miracle comes my way
I stop for a moment to recognize it. But in a way
I am not so much surprised by God’s miracles in my life as I am reassured. Af-
firmed. Reminded. This is what Paul and Silas experienced in the jail. A miracle that
set them free. Yes, it came as an earthquake as many miracles tend to have an
“earthly” condition. But never mind, I know where they “really” come from. Miracles
disguised as fits of nature.