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Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter
Acts 18:23-28
Psalm PS 47:2-3, 8-9, 10
John 16:23B-28
These are very joyous readings that show us how
faithful God is, and what beautiful things He can
bring to us when we, too, are faithful.
I was particularly moved by the Jew named Apollos. His excitement
and passion were contagious, and it took a good deal of courage, in
my opinion, to speak openly about Jesus though he had never met
Him. He was bold by nature, and I would guess he was aware that
some of the life of Jesus was still a mystery to him, but it didn’t seem
to matter. He was so alive with joy he wanted to spread that joy. He
also wanted to learn more, and that he did, when Priscilla and Aquila
pulled him aside and filled him in on a few details of the Way of God.
Apollos’ spirit and joy reminds me a little of the day I rededicated my
life to Christ, in 1992 at Hollywood Presbyterian Church (while I was
still a Protestant). I had done it at the end of the service, and when I
went out to the patio, I told everyone I could what had just hap-
pened. Later that day, my joy went to another level entirely.
My son took me and a friend to Disneyland – as it so happened, my
birthday was also this day! After our fun was over, my friend and I
were walking back to my car. I suddenly found myself on my knees in
the parking lot. A few moments of my life were evaporated from my
memory, as I had no recollection of how I got onto my knees. Neither