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Lenten Weekday
Isaiah 65:17-21
Psalm 30:2 & 4, 5-6, 11-12A & 13B
John 4:43-54
We are called to relinquish the things of yesterday, and to await the blessed hope and
the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
As parents, there is no arguing that we are constantly seeking to provide the best for
our children: the best school, the best learning gadgets, the best books, the best
clothes, the best toys, and so on. For some parents, we try to give our kids the advan-
tage or things that we did not have growing up. For other parents, we may try to con-
tinue or improve upon a lifestyle we were accustomed to and want to provide the same
to our children. There is no question that our childhood experiences have a profound
influence on “who” we are today, and “what” we will be in the future. These experiences
have shaped and refined the individuals and parents we are today. But in the process,
we may lose sight of the most critical thing we can truly give our children:
Isaiah poses us with a counterintuitive command. He proclaims, “
The things of the past
shall not be remembered or come to mind
.” That is easier said than done.
How are we not to remember our past, and for these events not to permeate
our minds? Isaiah provides the answer, “
Thus says the LORD... Instead, there
shall always be rejoicing and happiness in what I create.”
We are called to be
joyous and happy in God’s creation, and what better gift has been bestowed
upon us as parents...the creation of our children. Such joy and happiness in
our children allow us to focus on
present and future...and not
In today’s Gospel, a desperate father seeks the help of Jesus. As a parent,
imagine being in a similar situation? What would we do if our child was ill
and near death? We would move heaven and earth! We would give our lives
for our child! For Jesus, all that was needed for him to provide healing was
the father’s faith. Jesus asks the same of us. Our faith will save and heal our
children. It may not come in the form of physical healing, but in the form of
spiritual health and strength.
During this Lenten season let us embrace our children and “give” them the
gift of faith. Let us constantly nurture their inquisitiveness and love of God
and Jesus Christ. Let us nurture their spiritual health. Let us eat as a family,
pray as a family, and worship as a family. Let us sing and praise as a family,
the Psalmist proclaims: