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Wednesday of Holy Week
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalm 69:8-10,21-22, 31, 33-34
Matthew 26:14-25
The readings for this day before we enter the most sacred days of Lent speak to
us about the pain and insults that our dear Lord had to undergo. He would not
only be spit upon and scourged, but he would have insults hurled at him by just
about everyone. He would even be betrayed by one of his own closest friends
for a bag of silver. He could also see that the man he would later make the
leader of his church betray him three times when confronted by the taunts of
the crowd.
Did Judas really believe that Jesus was the son of God? I believe he may have
thought that he was a holy man and a prophet, but did he have the same strong
belief of some of the others? Was Judas angry that Jesus was not going to be
the savior that would lift the Roman government off the backs of the
people? Did he betray him because he lost his confidence in Jesus? No
one will ever know because Judas after seeing what happened to Jesus
hung himself.
Imagine how Jesus felt. He had walked and talked with these apostles
for some time. He had shown them many miracles and, yet they were-
n’t strong enough to stand up and be counted when it really mattered.
Most of them were in hiding, except for Peter, who tried to find out
what was going on. Still even Peter denied Jesus 3 times.
Let us take a look at ourselves. What do we do? Sometimes we don’t
stand up for what is right. We hide behind our political correctness or
our lack of passion for just causes. We let others take up causes that
we know we should be involved with. In the first reading we are re-
minded that “the Lord GOD is our help. He is with us and in the re-
sponsorial we pray “Lord, in your great love, answer me.”
This should be our prayer every day. We should ask God to show us
the way to his great Love. We want that love to be there for everyone