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and many have turned their backs on me for choices I have made, for
convictions that I hold that I believe are "righteous". Loss, loss, loss.
In being driven to my knees I have come to know the mercy of God
and his friends. I have come to taste my utter dependence, each
day, on the manna from heaven. Would I now know these things if I
had had it my own way? Not at all.
Now I see more clearly who God is and who I am. I see more clearly
the great goodness and evil in our world. I "know" stuff now that I
could not have known any other way. I know now a love that is be-
yond anything I could have imagined. And I know now that the suf-
fering that comes to each of us is to cleanse us of all attachments
except to our God.
Our God, we thank you for showing us yourself in Jesus, our brother.
Our brother has shown, and every day shows us, the way to you.
This way necessarily includes loss, powerlessness, suffering.
It is your son's way.
Give me the grace to be true to you,
to always call on you in need, thanksgiving, and praise.
In Jesus' name, Amen