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$28,000 left to meet our goal

St. Camillus performs inspirational work

A major medical procedure or extended hospital stay can be a time filled with uncertainty, distress and sometimes, great loss and despair. Many of the patients at LA County/USC Medical Center are among the poorest members of our community and they often lack a family or social safety net to help support them during their time of need.

The team at St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care is there to help…

Watch this short video to learn about the work that the St. Camillus team does, which is made possible by Together in Mission.

The mission of St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care is to accompany the patients of County/USC and their families in the midst of their suffering by providing holistic healing and hope. Pastor Fr. Chris Ponnet and his team are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meeting with over 350 patients per week. They are dedicated to helping the ill and, often, forgotten person, “the least of our brothers and sisters”.

St. Camillus needs Together in Mission

The compassionate work that Fr. Chris’ team does is made possible by funding that St. Camillus receives from Together in Mission. In fact, St. Camillus is just one out of more than 80 parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese who are not as financially blessed as we are at Holy Family and receive funding from Together in Mission.

Each of these parishes and schools are performing truly inspirational good works in their own communities, and depend upon the generosity, stewardship and benevolence of those of us in parish communities such as Holy Family. Through our donations to the Together in Mission program, we enable and empower these parishes and schools to continue doing these good works.

…and Holy Family needs you.

Here’s how Together in Mission works: every year, Holy Family receives a goal from the Archdiocese for our Parish contribution to fund Together in Mission. Only, it’s more than just a goal; every dollar that we are short of our goal must come out of Holy Family’s operating budget, affecting our own Parish life and ministry work.

This year, Holy Family received a goal of $148,999 for Together in Mission. To date, we have collected almost 80% of our goal, leaving us with a shortfall of $28,000. We need to close this shortfall and help Together in Mission provide funding so that ministries and programs like those we enjoy here can grow and flourish in less fortunate parishes.

Please, make a donation today and support Together in Mission and Holy Family

Pledge or Donate Now

If you have already given to Together in Mission, we thank you for your generosity. After thoughtful prayer and reflection, perhaps you will find that you are able to make an additional contribution to this important fund.

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