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Acts of the Apostles 4: 1-12
Psalm 118:1-2 & 4, 22-24, 25-27A
John 21:1-14
Jesus Christ, the stone which the builders rejected, has become the cornerstone.
In the first reading, Jesus saved a crippled man through Peter and John. In the
gospel reading, Jesus saved Peter spiritually, who was broken by denying Jesus
prior to the crucifixion. He also communed with the other disciples. With Jesus
as the cornerstone and the disciples as the building blocks, the church was built.
Instead of saying ˈJesus savedˉ, perhaps a better phrase for today˅s reading is
ˈJesus made whole againˉ ˀ whether it is the crippled man who is physically
broken, or Peter and the disciples who are spiritually lost after Jesus death.
I have spent many nights trying to pen this reflection. I repeatedly read the
scriptures, and asked God to send the Holy Spirit to inspire me. Hours became
days, and days turned to weeks. It was not like this in the past - words would
come to me faster than I could typeˎ
Two years ago, I would say I was very spiritual. I attended church meetings dili-
gently. I read the bible and other biblical books everyday. I was so sure about
being God˅s little servant. Easter was the climax, and the excitement carried on
for another year.
Then came a new family. Suddenly, I had to re-arrange my priorities and at-
tended to a new array of people, places and matters. Somehow in the commo-
tion, God has become second place. I was worried, almost scared at my tardi-
ness. I felt quite detached with Him and the church. I later learned that some-
times it does not take a dramatic change in life circumstances to be less spiritual.
Like a cycle, there are simply times when one becomes more or less spiritual in
their journey of faith.