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Acts of the Apostles 15: 7-21
Psalm 96: 1-2A, 2B-3, 10
John 15: 9-11
Jesus told his disciples, ˈAs the Father loves me, so I also love youˉ. If we keep
his commandments, we will remain in his love. As Jesus has kept his Father˅s
commandments, he remains in his Father˅s Love.
As parents we tell our children of our love for them. We will do anything for the
safety of our children. We will do anything to insure their happiness. Our lives
revolve around their every need, for warmth, for nourishment, for safety, every
aspect of their lives is our concern. When one of our children is sick or hurt we
feel the pain of helplessness, our hearts break to see any glimmer of pain or
struggle. Our Jayson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and everything we
once knew as normal came crashing down. He struggled with neuropathy of the
feet and hands, depression, neuropathy of the lower intestine, and other health
problems. As a parent you do whatever it takes to help your child be a success,
and when you come up against a situation that you have no knowledge you feel
utterly hopeless, helpless and lost. It is through the community of Holy Family
Church and the wonderful doctors that hope was found. Through the love of
Community, through support of longtime friends and family, love is given and re-
ceived. Knowing that God˅s love surrounded us at this dark moment of our lives,
that doing God˅s work and keeping his commandments in our lives showed us
God˅s love remains in us and in Jayson˅s life. These dark moments happened
nearly 7 years ago, Jayson thrives, once again able to enjoy life and all its won-
der. God loves each of his creations, we see it each morning with the sunrise
and feels Gods˅ warmth and love as the blessings flow in our lives. Life is so
precious, knowing that we all loved by our Creator.