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Acts of the Apostles 18: 9-18
Psalm 47:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
John 16:20-23
Acts: 18-9-18. In view of the severe treatment he had received elsewhere, Paul
must have been very comforted by Christ˅s statement that he would not be hurt
or beaten in Corinth. The Lord told Paul: ˈGo on speaking and do not be silent,
for I am with you. No one will harm you.ˉ The Jewish leaders thought they
would take Paul before the governor and rid themselves of him and the gospel of
Jesus Christ and encourage immediate persecution of all Christians. Paul did not
even have to open his mouth to defend himself ˀ God had already provided for
Paul˅s defense. Gallio stated that no crime had been committed against Rome
ˀ this was a religious issue. Once again, the sovereign hand of God preserved
the life of His faithful servant.
Ps 47:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 - This psalm speaks of an anticipated enthronement of
God. As He seats Himself on the throne, all who see Him in heaven and earth
shout aloud in triumph. Sing praises: The repetition of this command is similar to
the angelic voices singing of the holiness of God. The reason for the call to sing
is clear: God is the King of all the earth; He deserves our praise. This psalm
speaks of the coming great reign of Jesus when He establishes His holy rule.
I shout with joy! God is King of all the earth. God has created a beautiful world
for us to live in; warmth and rain in summer and, for some, the beauty of snow in
winter. He has given us a sun to warm our days and a moon and stars to light
the night. He has given us the wonder of mountains and lakes, valleys and rivers.