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1 Kings 3:4-13
Psalm 119:9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Mark 6:30-34
Let us Share the good news so that we may have good news to share,
while we are on this earth awaiting our heavenly goal. Jesus Helps us,
heals us, cures us, rescues us from that which oppresses us and gives us
a voice to speak. He is a model for us to learn how to pray in our quiet
place and to go out and bear witness to the good news in word and deed
to the ends of the earth.
Job wakes us up by saying pretty much “your days are numbered” and
what are we to do dismiss it as just words or should we take a look at our
daily life? How are we living our life? Are we making the most of it? Leaving
a legacy of blessings? Have we said thank you, I love you or acknowledged
a person recently. True we might say it to those we have near and dear but
we should outreach with an edifying word to those around us we might not
know personally, maybe even helping in “ healing the broken hearted” like
the psalm of this day sings. In my life there are many a time where random
people or people I seldom see
have came up to me and
shared a word or two that has
turned my frown upside down.
In turn this helped me share
with others. Let us learn from
Jesus as Paul learned
“I am free in regard to all, I
have made myself a slave to
all so as to win over as many