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James 2:1-9
Psalm 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
Mark 8:27-33
On the way to Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asks his disciples who they,
and others, think he is. They tell him that others consider him a
prophet, but that they consider him the Messiah. Acknowledging that
he is the Messiah, he instructs them not to tell anybody else about
this fact, relating to them the suffering and death he will endure as a
While Jesus is relating the suffering and death that await him as the
Messiah, Peter takes Jesus aside and rebukes him, thinking such a
fate impossible or unacceptable. Jesus, in turn, rebukes Peter, telling
him, ˈ
You are thinking not as
God does, but as human be-
ings do.ˉ
Jesus is telling Peter to forget
about short-term impulses and
motivations. Ignore pain and
fear of persecution. Think in-
stead of the higher purpose.
Ignore the means and focus on
the ends.
This call to think of our actions