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James 2:14-24, 26
Psalm 112:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Mark 8:34-9:1
The three readings, when taken together, give a very clear ˀ and firm ˀ picture of
God˅s highest expectations of us. They also offer the distinct fruits of living God˅s
In James, we are asked to live out our faith in our actions, not to get comfortable
and just sit back and enjoy life, knowing we are saved by faith. ˈEven the demons
believeˉ in God, the scriptures say. People can keep committing the same sins
over and over, ask forgiveness from a God in whom they believe, and they will be
saved. But their faith will be incomplete, God will be disappointed, and they will not
grow and receive His fruits. So, the bigger the commitment, the greater God˅s
Psalms promises blessings right off the top, for
those who not only follow God˅s ways and
commands, but
in it. How is this possi-
ble? Well, how many of us worry on a regular
basis ˀ about finances, our life, our health, our
children? Psalms makes it clear: ˈBlessed is the
man who greatly delights in the Lord˅s com-
mandsˉ for then ˈLight shines through the dark-
ness for the upright.ˉ God is our light and our
hope! Welcome the Lord in control of your life,
follow His commands, and you will be rewarded.
Mark, too, is straightforward: if you want to save
your life, you must lose it. But how? As Father
Michael Fish stated in his recent mission here,