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Sirach 47:2-11
Psalm 18:31, 47 and 50, 51
Mark 6:14-29
These readings remind us that with God on our side we can win all
battles. Daily David called upon God for strength in all of his deeds
and always praised him in word and song with all of his being. The
Lord forgave him his sins and exalted his strength forever.
The Lord will give us strength to get through any difficult situation if
we ask him for help, wisdom, guidance and strength. David had what
seemed insurmountable challenges to overcome and undefeatable
enemies. Every day, David praised God and asked him for strength to
defeat his opponents. God gave him the strength he required to be
victorious. God forgave David all of his sins. God exalted his
strength forever and he established his
throne in Israel.
We all, at several times during our life,
face the same type of obstacles that
David faced. They may seem like giants
to us. If we follow David’s example, God
will give us the strength we need to over-
come those obstacles. David was un-
wavering in his faith; he praised and