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1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7
Psalm 56:2-3, 9-10A, 10B-11, 12-13
Mark 3:7-12
Saul reconsiders being an assassin. Both he and David are saved from a horrible
error by the brave and clever intercession of Saul's son, Jonathan. The psalmist
shouts his reliance upon God. Jesus handles his celebrity without letting it take
over and dominate his mission.
A second look--a pause, refocusing on the mission and not on the moment led
Saul away from his jealousy. Of
course, none of that might have mat-
tered if David didn't have an ally (and
Saul, a smart and well-meaning son)
in Jonathan. It's odd that so much
negative could proceed from some-
thing so meant to be positive as the
praise of the women for both David
and Saul. Our competitive sins often
dig deep and treacherous trenches
for us to navigate. Parents often step
in these puddles of muck when one
of their children is recognized in front
of the others. We are a fickle species
who too easily perceive another's
achievement as our own undoing.
The psalm puts it all back together in
righteous order, "In God I trust; I shall
not fear." It is a recognition that, in
the Divine observation, nothing is
missed. Like a supremely focused
parent carefully watching a toddler in