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1 Samuel 24:3-21
Psalm 57:2, 3-4, 6 & 11
Mark 3:13-19
In the first reading Saul said to David,” Great is the generosity you showed me
today, when the LORD delivered me into your grasp and you did not kill me. For if
a man meets his enemy, does he send him away unharmed?
In the responsorial psalm, we beg for God’s mercy when we are afraid or in
harm. In this song, we are comforted knowing that God will keep us in the
shadow of his wings until our fears have passed.
The Gospel reading recalls Jesus choosing his 12 followers whom He called
Apostles. He chose them so “that they might be with Him and He might send
them forth to preach.”
We are reminded that we must love our enemy and treat them like royalty like
David bowed down to Saul. We are all appointed by the Lord to set an example
of love and forgiveness even when we are faced with our enemies. In 2012 our
enemies could represent our own selfishness. Sometimes we allow our “busy-
ness” and our own agenda to get in the way of truly being present to one an-
other. This is more difficult today because we are usually distracted by some
electronic device.
Reflecting on the gospel today made us think about our own situation now as
“empty-nesters.” With a quiet house and only a few electronic distractions we
asked ourselves
, how have we been good Apostles to each other, our
children, at work and our community? How have we been like the 12
who were chosen “to send forth to preach” or “carry a message
Were we present enough to each other, our children and others?
So far
God has entrusted us with 3 vocations in our lives: 1. Marriage; 2. Rais-
ing two children; 3. Being Teachers.
We are proud to say that we have kept Christ in the center of our 25
year marriage and we live our commitment very seriously. We hope that
by our example we reveal the message that we can’t do it alone and that God is
the most important person in a marriage. Of course, it is not always easy; but we