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Saturday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Amos 9: 11-15
Responsorial Psalm: 85: 9AB AND 10, 11-12, 13-14
Gospel: Matthew 9: 14-17
In today˅s Gospel, Jesus is questioned about fasting. In the simplest
terms, fasting is the act of willingly abstaining from something that is
A wedding is cause for celebration. Typically there is excess above
normal lifeˁjoy, flowers, outfits, food, and drink tend to be in abun-
dance for everyone involved. This was normal in Jesus˅ day and is
exponentially normal in 2012. When questioned about fasting, it is no
surprise that Jesus uses a parallel of something everyone is familiar
with, a wedding.
Catholics talk
about fast-
ing, we nor-
mally mean
the food we
eatˁ it is
primarily a
spiritual dis-
cipline de-
signed so we