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Lenten Weekday
Hosea 14:2-10
Psalm 81:6C-8A, 8BC-9, 10-11AB, 14 and 17
Mark 12:28-34
Hos 14:2-10: Return to the Lord and all the good things that you mistakenly seek
elsewhere will arise in your midst as a result of God's boundless generosity.
Ps 81:6C-8A, 8Bc-9, 10-11Ab, 14 And 17: God says, Look to Me, Hear Me, I
am the source of your rescue and your joy.
Mk 12:28-34: In one of His few warm public encounters with a religious author-
ity, Jesus rests the precepts of the Law on the principles of loving God thor-
oughly, while seeing the balanced love of self and neighbor as a crucial direct
result of adhering to that first principle.
All of today's readings reflect the guidance that the only path to true satisfaction
lays in turning away from the lonely road of self, or national, glorification and
seeking the protection and comfort of the only One deserving of any Glory: the
God of creation, of sustenance, of promise, of all.
There has been a curious "argument" between Protestants and Catholics over the
centuries over the primacy of "faith" or "works" as the critical trip-wire of our sal-
vation. The discussion has often taken a "chicken-or-egg" route of absurd di-