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Lent Weekday
Isaiah 49:8-15
Psalm 145:8-9, 13CD-14, 17-18
John 5:17-30
God˅s daily presence in our lives unveils his merciful and just love. So pure is
this love that it can only be felt fully when it is accepted not by force or sub-
mission, but when we choose to follow God˅s life path with a pure heart. To-
day, these wonderful scriptures present each of us with a daring question: Are
we ready to merit God˅s love by leaving behind all that is false and contrary to
his will?
I was being blasted by 60-70 mph gusts and the temperature was well below
zero. Visibility was all but impossible and the wind chill gave new meaning to
the phrase, ˈup high on El Denali˅s shoulders exists an icy hell.ˉ Our climbing
team (four total) had been successful in reaching the mountain˅s summit, but
having climbed for 17 hours
straight, we were now facing our
most dangerous challengeˁthe
West Ridge. A rock and ice knife˅s
edge that sheared off several thou-
sand feet on both sides. After two
weeks on the mountain and with
the thought of high camp still sev-
eral hours away, I found myself ex-
hausted, cold and a fear induced
paralysis was setting in quickly. It
was in this very vulnerable moment
that I humbly asked God for his
help. For the first time in my life I
realized I would not survive without