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Lenten Weekday
Jeremiah 11:18-20
Psalm 7:2-3, 9BC-10, 11-12
John 7:40-53
As we reflect on the past four weeks of Lent and continue to prepare ourselves
for the death and resurrection of Jesus, we read about the Prophet Jeremiah and
his attempt to change the minds and lives of his people. ˈYet I, like a trusting
lamb led to slaughter, had not realized that they were hatching plots against meˉ.
The Psalms continue the cry for God to save us, ˈO LORD, my God, in you I take
refuge; save me from all my pursuers and rescue me, Lest I become like the
lion's prey, to be torn to pieces, with no one to rescue me.ˉ Then John identifies
one of our worst human saboteur: judgment. "Does our law condemn a man be-
fore it first hears him and finds out what he is doing?"
It must have been increasingly difficult to be Jeremiah. He was given a task by
God to help nurture his people to change how they view and live life, come to-
gether and find strength in God. Although his message was simple, Jeremiah felt
like ˈa trusting lamb led to slaughterˉ. We have all been there. Don˅t shoot the
messenger. Walking into that boardroom and knowing that the message you will
be delivering will make you the most unpopular person ever. Feelings like you are
that lone sense of reason in a world of despair. I wonder, is it the message or
how one relates the message to the people receiving the message? How does the
phrase go, it is not what you said, but how you said it? Will come back to this...
In our reflection, we sing for refuge or a place of safety with God. To not let the
saboteurs of our life bring us down. To not let our inner struggle decay our con-
fidence in what is right and true. Help us seek strength in God˅s love to over-
come the feelings of despair in things we cannot control and be present in the
things we can. During the times when we struggle, if we pause for a moment
and reflect, then we can begin to feel empathy for the struggles Jesus went
through leading up to the Last Supper. If at that moment, we can close our eyes,
take a deep breath, and ask our self one question, Is God there for me? The an-