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Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
Isaiah 7:10-14, 8:10
Psalm 40:7-8A, 8B-9, 10, 11
Hebrews 10:4-10
Like 1:26-38
ˈHere I am Lord, I come to do your
will.ˉ As we reflect on this beautiful
and powerful statement in the respon-
sorial psalm, we see this as one of the
common themes of these readings.
The other common themes we see
are: trust, sacrifice, commitment, humanness, love, faith, letting go, signs and
the unimaginable thought that God is with us.
ˈNothing is impossible with God.ˉ Why is this so hard for us to believe and grasp
in our daily lives? We think it was easy for Mary, being so perfect. But she did
have moments of fear and doubt in which she reveals her humanness to us. She
overcame her fears with some help and trusted that God was indeed with her. Are
we so different from Mary? Do we not think that we need a loving and playful re-
lationship with God? Are we able to trust
and say ˈyesˉ? We all have different signs in
our daily lives that God is with us. It may not
take the form of angel Gabriel or a voice
from heaven but it is present none the less.
It could take the form of talking to a friend,
witnessing a beautiful sunset or making eye
contact and smiling at a stranger.
Mary was a trusted believer to embrace the
word of God and let go. She overcame her
fears and said ˈyesˉ to God by saying
ˈBehold I am a handmaid of the Lord, may it
be done to me according to your word.ˉ We