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Lenten Weekday
Ezekiel 37:21-28
Jeremiah 31:10, 11-12ABCD, 13
John 11:45-56
The Jewish people discussed Jesus˅ miracles among themselves and with their
leaders. Because of Jesus˅ past acts, many had begun to believe in him and
were very vocal in that belief. The chief priests and the Pharisees conspired to
kill Jesus as they were fearful of him and his potential negative effect on Israel
and the Romans.
If Jesus came to our twenty-first century world, what would we do? His arrival
and miraculous works would certainly make the 6 PM news all over the world!
Would we accept and believe in him? Or, would we be concerned that he is dis-
rupting our carefully crafted world and thus reject him? How would we react to
those around us that accepted him? Would we be afraid and ostracize them?
This passage reminds
us that things in the
world are often not what
we perceive them to be.
The priests and Phari-
sees were convinced
that Jesus was a danger
to them and their very
way of life. Rather than
taking the time to open
their hearts to the won-
ders and mysteries of
Jesus˅ teaching, they
chose to fall victim to
their fear and desire for
self-protection. Rather
than seeking under-
standing, they deter-