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Acts of the Apostles 4:1-12
Psalm 118:1-2 & 4, 22-24, 25-27A
John 21:1-14
In these readings, we are confronted with stark con-
trasts: the disabled one desiring healing, the dis-
carded stone that is really the one we desperately
need to keep the house standing and the dark night
seemingly with no end. We also see images of the miracle worker, the
cornerstone and the light that breaks with the dawn. These are signposts
of God. These are the pictures we need to keep as we travel through our
The ultimate question is really a collection of queries revolving around our
relationship with God. It is, indeed, the essential quest of the human ex-
perience: Is there a God? If so, where is God? When will I find God in my
own life? For those who already know, or think they know, the Jesus story
these readings remind us to look again; to revisit how even the ones so
close to Him could not always see Him.
There are surely myriad interpretations and theologically rich meanings as-
sociated with these texts. There is poetry in the words, too, which feels
soothing and hopeful even amid the confrontational and confusing ele-
ments that are included in the retellings. For people in search of solace,
thirsting for enlightenment and ever-growing awareness, these readings
do delineate the paramount importance of Jesus’ connecting role between
us and the realm of heaven. In that sense, the question actually then be-
comes predominantly one of “what,” rather than “when.” What will we do
when we meet Him? This meeting refers not to the hereafter, but to the
now, to those regular, ordinary moments that form a life. Are we living