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then, will it take us? Jesus tells us we can make the

choice to deny ourselves daily. Some days will be

easier than others. Some hours, some moments, will

be easier than others. It is all about gradation as we

move towards the end of our race.

This Lent I am reminded of my mother-in-law, who

has spent the last year receiving aggressive treat-

ment for a cancer diagnosis. Her treatment included a harvesting and rein-

sertion of her stem cells. When your stem cells are replaced into your

body, it is called your “new birthday,” because your immune system has

been wiped out and you are as vulnerable as a newborn baby. Her sick-

ness has been a journey for us all, a season of little deaths and, thankfully,

a season of growth as she continues to heal.

As we enter into the season of Lent we are asked to make daily choices of

prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We are asked to be intentional and we are

asked to be willing to change. Lent is a season of growth, of dying to those

things that kill us and rising to those things which give life. But we are also

reminded that these seasons will continue throughout our lifetime, that we

need not be perfectly good or completely dead to ourselves right at this

moment. There is time, there is hope, and at its conclusion we are wel-

comed into a season of joy.



Loving Jesus, as we enter into this season of Lent, open our eyes to the

ways we can grow towards you. Amen.







Middle School Ministry Coordinator, Ministry Assistant to the Religious

Education Office