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Monday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time
Philippians 2:1-4
Psalm 131:1,2,3
Luke 14:12-14;
In the first reading we are called to be ˈunited in heart, thinking one
thingˉ and to ˈhumbly regard others as more important than (y)
ourselvesˉ. Jesus reminds his host for dinner, a leading Pharisee, not
to invite those to dine who may repay him, but rather dine with those
who are unable to repay the kindness.
The readings today build up to the theme of community. While in the
first reading we are called to ˈbe of the same mindˉ ˈthinking one
thingˉ. The true focus of this reading struck me as being ˈunited in
heartˉ ˈwith the same love.ˉ In other words, we are not called to all
agree or think exactly the same things, but rather we are called to an
even greater state of harmony. We are called to put others before
ourselves, to consider the good of others more important that than
the good of one. By doing so we may establish unity ˀ defined as
harmony between people or
groups; joined as a whole.
In Luke˅s gospel, Jesus ex-
plains to the Pharisee, his
host for dinner, that the
Pharisee should invite guests
who cannot repay him to dine
with him. By doing so he will