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Memorial of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, religious
3 John: 5-8
Psalm 112: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Luke 18: 1-8
Sometimes we might wonder, ˈWhat does the Lord
require of me?ˉ That question is answered in to-
day˅s readings. St. John tells us how to be disci-
ples of the Faith by supporting those who are
spreading God˅s word. The Psalm continues the
theme by praising God for his abundant blessings
and His promise of ˈeverlasting remembranceˉ to
those who share God˅s gifts. The Gospel˅s par-
able shows us that if an unbelieving judge answers
the prayers of one who persists, how much more
will our loving God hear and bless us if we but
place our Faith in Him.
St. Elizabeth lived only twenty-four years; yet in that short time she was able to
give witness to her faith in God in the many challenges she faced. At the age of
four, she was sent to Germany to live with her future husband˅s family. As a child
she was pious and contemplative, traits which were ridiculed by the Court but
which were admired by her future husband. At fourteen she was married and bore
three children. Her husband encouraged her piety and her work with the poor.
Elizabeth was widowed at age 20. She devoted herself to works of charity, giving
alms, bread and grain to famine-stricken Germany. She became a devotee of St.
Francis of Assisi. She built a hospital and personally tended to the most repug-
nant of the sick.
What is the teaching of her life for us? Elizabeth heard God˅s call early in her life
and realized that Salvation comes through seeing the face of Christ in everyone,
especially in the poorest of the poor. She used the blessings God gave her to
bless others. She believed in God˅s promise of eternal happiness and demon-
strated that Faith without counting the cost. She prayed constantly for strength to