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Monday of the Twenty Fifth Week in Ordinary Time
Proverbs 3-27-34
Psalm 15:2-3A, 3BC-4AB, 5
Luke 8:16-18
Jesus says to the crowd that to those who have,
more will be given and to those who have not,
even what they do have will be taken away.
Christ says that no one lights a lamp then con-
ceals it, rather they put it on a stand so that all
may see.
When we hear the word ˈevangelizeˉ, many of us feel a strange revulsion calling
to mind, perhaps, a seemingly insincere televangelist in an embarrassingly ex-
pensive suit exhorting his viewers to send him money if they truly love Jesus. But
this is not evangelism, this is proselytism (at best) and we, as Christians, as
Catholics, are all called to Evangelize.
John Paul II said, "I spoke explicitly of the
Church's permanent mission of bringing
the gospel to the multitudes. . . who as
yet do not know Christ. . . and of the re-
sponsibility of the lay faithful in this re-
gard. The mission ad gentes
[the Second
Vatican Council's Decree on the Mission-
ary Activity of the Church]
is incumbent
upon the entire People of God. . . mis-
sionary activity which is carried out in a
wide variety of ways, is the task of all the Christian faithful."
So, how do we evangelize? We may feel uncomfortable having the proverbial dis-
cussion about Jesus around the water cooler ˀ after all, that˅s what ˈProtestants
doˉ- right? But that is certainly not the only way, nor necessarily the best way, to